You find yourself on the far edges of the small web, jumping from site to site, like a recurring character in someone else's dream. The machinations of the universe have tossed you side to side, among the waves, before pulling you under the waves to reveal the deep world beneath you. The dark depths beckon. Its specters await. Will you answer the call, its thrill shaking your very bones?

Of course you will.

Welcome to Screaming Egg.

I joined Neocities some time ago because I don't like regular social media, wanted to acquire some CSS/HTML skills, and thought it would be easier to put all my interests and other stuff in one place. Right now I am between projects but will probably focus on the Esoterica page.

This site has been through a few iterations, but its current title was conjured in a dream. No joke. I don't know if it has any underlying meaning though. As for the header images, I just like sharks, OK?

You can use these button to link to my site (personally, the left one is my favorite):


The header photo depicts a frilled shark. Credit to Kevin Aitken.

The goofy shark drawing in the left button comes from Wikimedia Commons. The shark sketch in the middle button comes from Reusable Art. The background in the right button is from a Google Maps screenshot of Mazama, WA.

Last updated November 12, 2023

CC0 Public Domain, 2023