Jack Chick was an asshole.

Armed with tracts and comics, strewn around the Bible Belt and beyond, he spread his paranoia and hatred of a wide range of people, including (but not limited to) feminists, Muslims, Catholics, Freemasons, Native Americans, occultists, queer people, bizarrely chosen targets of his culture war, and anyone a millimeter to the left of him. His fundamentalist Christian worldview featured Young Earth creationism, climate change denial, murderous Satanic cults, the divine inerrancy of the King James Bible, widespread demonic possession, and apocalyptic fantasies involving Jews. People of color are often drawn as racist caricatures, and many of his intended villains look like they walked out of a Der Stürmer cartoon. My collages are intended as parodies of all these things, but the original tracts are not, so they may be upsetting to some readers. Proceed at your own discretion.

You can read more on the official website of Chick Publications (which is still on a list of hate groups maintained by the Southern Poverty Law Center) and in this article on Vox.

Fair use and all that, blah blah blah.

A person, drawn in green, wears a gas mask and holds a gun. They are standing in front of a background of black and white bars. Their speech bubble says, 'Witches rule! God is dead and the churches are powerless. Old 'Bible boy' won't stand a chance against our black arts!'

From "The Nervous Witch" (2001)

Two black cats sit on a couch. One says, 'I'm sick of no money. I can't even pay my rent.' The other responds, 'We've been had again. Where are all those blessings?' The caption on the right side says 'Fuck landlords'

From "Angels?" (1986)

A cop points aggressively at two men, saying, 'Tell me everything!' The two men respond, 'Fuck no!' The phrase 'ACAB' is repeated in the background. The caption to the picture says, 'Don't talk to cops!'

From "The Broken Cross" (1974)

A fanged mouth asks, 'Are you afraid?' Another fanged mouth answers, 'No, but there is more strength in numbers. This is very serious business!' The background is a group of women drawn in red. The caption says, 'Workers of the world, unite!'

From "The Thing" (1971)

A wizard is casting a spell, saying, 'It's coming! You had your chance. We warned you, but you ignored us! Now you will pay the price, because you caused it!' The caption says, 'There is no planet B.' The background is a photo of a dark stormy ocean.

From "Global Warming" (2012)

The intense occult training through D&D prepared Debbie to accept the invitation to enter the Communist Party. Debbie is introduced by a woman who says, 'I've brought Elfstar to become a revolutionary and a witch.' Another member responds, 'Welcome, Elfstar. Now you will become a priestess of the craft, and a fighter for the proletariat.' The other members, clad in black robes, are standing around a golden circle with a golden pentagram inside with a red background. There is also a gray altar at the edge of the circle.

From "Dark Dungeons" (1984)

A wizard and a young vampire are standing in front of a diagram with a human face on it. The wizard asks, 'Tell me, young Igor, where do you punch?' Igor points at the face and answers, 'Right here!' The wizard asks, 'And why there?' Igor answers, 'Because the Nazi's face is there!' The wizard says, 'Well done! Now you are ready.' The caption to the comic says 'Bash the Fash'

From "First Bite" (2006)

Two men visit a classroom. Each of them has a demon hiding behind his back. One man says, 'Kids, lots of great, moral people were American. But some 'people' are evil and unpatriotic.' The asterisk part refers to 'anarchists, communists queer people, POC, Jews, other religious minorities, women, indigenous people, the poor, etc.' In the next panel, the same man says, 'They hate us and call us all kinds of nasty names. But if we get our way, they'll all be in prison. Oops! Time's up... thank you for listening!' One caption says, 'This is how fascists are brainwashing children in public school curricula.' A larger caption below it says, 'Who are the real groomers?'

From "Birds and the Bees" (2004)

Two potoos are sitting across from each other. One says, 'What? Are you saying the State Prison is destroyed?' The other responds, 'That's right, comrade!' The first potoo responds, 'Haw, haw, haw! Keep me posted comraade. This should be quite a show!' The caption below the picture says 'Abolish prisons'

From "The Bull" (1986)

Blood pours onto an image of a soldier, drawn in white and standing against a camouflage background. The text says, 'American teenagers have been brainwashed into committing murder - not for liberation, but for imperialism. This one wants money for college.' The top caption says 'Don't be a baby killer,' and the bottom caption says 'Fuck the troops'

From "War Games!" (2014)

This drawing is in green and purple. Shoes are being thrown at a sitting soldier attempting to shield his head. The throwers, not visible in the panel, are laughing at him. A caption above in black says, 'Shoe-throwers are braver than any U.S. Marine'

From "Holy Joe" (2002)

The drawing is in colors of the trans pride flag. A group of people are chasing away two people, one is a man carrying a megaphone and the other is a person carrying a sign reading, 'TERF = slur.' The pursuers are carrying the signs 'You have the right to be silent!' and 'Hurt the haters!' They say to each other, 'They're this way! Make sure they don't come back! Anyone who threatens trans kids - gets pronouns changed to was/wasn't!' The caption in the top left corner says 'No tolerance for intolerance!'

From "Snowflake?" (2020)

A city is burning. The top caption says, 'In October 2023, the IDF threatened Palestinians into leaving Gaza. Families wept, losing everything.' The bottom caption says, 'While they are killde for no crime and denied water, electricity, and medicine, President Joe Biden applauds Israel's 'self-defense.' This is genocide.'

From "Camel's In the Tent" (2012) and "Somebody Angry?" (2006)

It's a Halloween classroom event. The teacher, dressed up as a witch, calls a girl (also dressed as a witch) to the front of the classroom and says, 'This girl's gender is assigned... Gryffindor! Next!' The next panel shows a different girl wearing a Santa Claus robe. The teacher says, 'That's not in Harry Potter canon, Suzy!' Suzy replies, 'It's 2023! Get a real personality!' The teacher thinks to herself, 'I hate transgender kids!' The caption says, 'Happy Halloween to all trans kids: You deserve better than J.K. Rowling'

From "The Devil's Night" (2004)

A man lies in a hospital bed covered in bandages. He says, 'But the IDF bombed my family in a hosptal...' Another man, standing over the bed, responds, 'Shame on you! You sound like another antisemite! You must condemn Hamas, right now!' The caption to the image says 'Fuck Israel'

From "Sin City" (2001)


First panel shows a big explosion. The second panel shows two men standing near the rubble. One says, 'That was horrible! Why did the IDF just bomb a journalist office?' The other man responds, 'Because Israel's a progressive democracy!' The first man says 'oh ok'

From "The Promise" (2001)


In the first panel, two men say, 'We're gonna go deer hunting today. I can't wait to have venison in my fridge.' A man behind them thinks 'wtf.' In the second panel, a man with a pumpkin head sees the hunters driving down the road. The pumpkin man says, 'They're coming to kill animals? Not on my watch!' In the last panel, the pumpkin man breaks down the door of the hunting cabin with a chainsaw, yelling, 'It's open season on murderers today! Fuck off!' and chases the hunters away.

From "Boo!" (1991)

A top caption says, 'After they heard trans people hate Rowling, some fanatics were either outraged or hurt because someone broke their bubble... maybe because they are frightened of facing the truth (which shows they value entertainment over trans lives.' Below is a drawing of a fiery pitchfork jabbing a book titled 'Harry Potter.' Below is the caption, 'But then there's that big mob who could care less. To most of you this story was a big joke and it turned you off.'

From "Angel of Light" (1978)

The header is a photo of a zebra shark, though the original photo mislabels it as a leopard shark. Credit to Lewis Burnett.

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